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Batavia, Illinois, USA

DOI Title
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-MO1PA01 Beam Commissioning and Integrated Test of the PIP-II Injector Test Facility
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-MOPOJO03 HELEN: A Linear Collider Based on Advanced SRF Technology
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-MOPOPA13 200 MV Record Voltage of vCM and LCLS-II-HE Cryomodules Production Start Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-MOPOGE15 Operation of the H⁻ Linac at FNAL
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TU1AA03 R&D Towards High Gradient CW SRF Cavities
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOJO19 Progress on the Proton Power Upgrade Project at the Spallation Neutron Source
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOJO22 Progress of PIP-II Activities at IJCLab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOPA25 Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing, and Lessons Learned of the Prototype 650 MHz Couplers
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE08 Design of a Transport System for the PIP-II HB650 Cryomodule
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE11 Application of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code in the design of SSR Cryomodule Beamlines for PIP-II Project at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE12 Final Design of the Pre-Production SSR2 Cryomodule for PIP-II Project at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE13 Niobium to Titanium Electron Beam Welding for SRF Cavities
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE14 Beamline Volume Relief Analysis for the PIP-II SSR2 Cryomodule at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE15 Prototype HB650 Transportation Validation for the PIP-II Project
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE16 Standardization and First Lessons Learned of the Prototype HB650 Cryomodule for PIP-II at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPOGE17 Fabrication Experience of the Pre-Production PIP-II SSR2 Cavities at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPORI23 Investigation of the Beam Propagation Through the FNAL LEBT
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPORI24 Beam Dynamics Studies at the PIP-II Injector Test Facility
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TUPORI25 Finding Beam Loss Locations at PIP2IT Accelerator With Oscillating Dipole Correctors
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-TH1AA02 Developments Towards FRIB Upgrade to 400 MeV/u for Heaviest Uranium Ions
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-THPOJO12 LCLS-II-HE Cryomodule Testing at Fermilab
10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-THPOGE13 Design of Production PIP-II SSR1 Cavities