Author: Koubek, B.
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MOPOGE01 Linac Design within HITRIplus for Particle Therapy 134
  • U. Ratzinger, H. Höltermann, B. Koubek, H. Podlech
    BEVATECH, Frankfurt, Germany
  • M. Vretenar
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  Funding: EU Horizon 2020 Grant agreement No 101008548
Within the EU H2020 project HITRIplus for the development of cancer therapy with heavy ions a linac was designed. It is evolving from the concept of the 4 European cancer therapy centers applying light ions up to carbon. The new linac will in its simpliest version allow C4+ - beam injection into synchrotrons at 5 A MeV, with high beam transmission and allowing currents up to 5 mA alpha - particles. An advanced ECR - ion source will inject into an RFQ - IH-DTL combination. The DTL concept allows upgraded versions for A/q - values up to two and with beam energies of 7.1 A MeV from IH - tank2 and 10 A MeV from IH-tank3. The higher beam injection energies for light ions allow a relaxed synchrotron operation at lowest magnetic field levels. A main argument for the DTL extensions however is an additional linac function as radioisotope facility driver. The 7.1 A MeV are especially defined for the clean production of 211At, which may play a future role in cancer therapy. The linac will allow for high duty factors - up to 10%, to fulfil the needs for efficient radioisotope production. Solid state amplifiers with matched design RF power levels (up to 600 kW for IH3) will be used.
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