Author: Katalev, V.V.
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THPOPA01 FLASH2020+ Upgrade - Modification of RF Power Waveguide Distribution for the Free-electron Laser FLASH at DESY 747
  • B. Yildirim, S. Choroba, V.V. Katalev, P. Morozov, Y. Nachtigal, N.V. Vladimirov
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The goal of FLASH2020+ upgrade is to increase the energy of the FLASH accelerator, which allows the use of even shorter wavelengths, which, in turn, will allow new research. For this purpose, during the shutdown in 2022, two superconducting accelerator modules for ACC2 and ACC3 will be replaced by new ones. To fully realize the potential of these cryomodules XFEL type of waveguide distributions will be installed on them. In addition, the existing ACC4 and ACC5 cryomodules will also be equipped with the new waveguide distributions, similar XFEL type. These waveguide distributions will be modified and improved so that the machine can operate with the maximum energy due to individual power supply for each cavity. Furthermore, three RF stations will receive a new klystron waveguide distribution, which will improve the reliability of all systems. The specific waveguide distributions have been developed, produced and tested at the Waveguide Assembly and Test Facility (WATF) at DESY. All together will lead to increasing the electron beam energy from 1.25 to 1.35 GeV. This paper presents data on the production and tuning of waveguide distribution systems for the FLASH2020+ upgrade at DESY.  
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